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by Leah Harnack, Mass Transit Magazine

by Mitch Shaw, Standard-Examiner
December 11, 2013
OGDEN -- As Ogden City continues to ponder future transit connections to Weber State University and McKay-Dee Hospital, a new possibility for shuttling commuters has emerged that is mostly independent from the Utah Transit Authority.

By Elenor Heyborne, ksl.com Contributor
November 11, 2013

by Eric Jaffe, The Atlantic Cities


For a lot of cities, the future of public transportation is going to be the good old bus. That doesn't mean the bus itself will be good and old.


Everyone might want super fast trains or driverless cars, but the real innovations in transportation are going to involve infrastructure. Meet the road of the future.

by Keith Barry



Say goodbye to catenary wires. Utah State University has unveiled an electric bus that charges through induction, topping off its batteries whenever it stops to pick up passengers.


The University of Utah has placed an order for a 40-foot, all-electric transit bus with BYD Company Limited (BYD), which will be the first shuttle to be allowed to run across the heart of campus.

If batteries did not weigh or cost so much, most drivers might be wheeling electric vehicles by now.  A new Utah State University technology could overcome this barrier to electrically powered transport. How? By transferring power through the air, from charging pads embedded in a road to a vehicle's undercarriage 10 inches above, minimizing the need for on-board power storage.  This fall a USU start-up company will test the economic viability of such as wireless power transfer, or WPT, in the shuttle bus system at the University of Utah. Fueled with a federal grant, the U.


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